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Una Morte Sospetta (2011)

by Hannah Berry(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
8860885604 (ISBN13: 9788860885609)
review 1: I'm absolutely in love with this graphic novel. It's visually stunning and I think the writing is clever. I can see how some people could be pushed away from the plot and writing. It is very English, with English humour (A teabag as a crime-solving partner? Hilarious!). The only complaint I had was that the hand scribbles of Britten could be a bit difficult to read. I read quite a lot of graphic novels, but this was one of the hardest to read, just because some of the words were a bit illegible. Otherwise, overall it is stunning. Beautiful, yet tragic. Happy Reading.
review 2: Beautifully drawn, keenly and quotably written. Inventive and memorable (protagonist's business partner is a lecherous teabag. "Look, I'm sorry. I infused in your waistcoat."). Story is p
... moreerfectly paced and well done, but the mystery and impact on the protagonist are ultimately unsatisfying. Something's missing. Note: I thought better of this on a second read. I still think the bones of the mystery are unsatisfying, but the psychology is more complex and subtle than what I absorbed the first time through.Sent to Scruff."Gliding serenely past the troubled clientele, she looked how I imagine a swan might if it were on lithium." less
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The story was just okay (kind of dark in a way that's not my thing) but the art was amaaaaaaaazing.
Lost a few plot details the first read, so I read it again.. and I'm glad I did!
Dark and humorous. A tea bag for a partner. Lovely.
Lovely art, intriguing noir tale.
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