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Under Attack (2011)

by Hannah Jayne(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
0758258933 (ISBN13: 9780758258939)
Underworld Detection Agency
review 1: El libro es ameno, se lee bien, engancha, la historia de fondo es correcta y sin embargo no hay mucho más que decir. Alex aparece y desaparece sin que sepas de qué va ese ángel caído, Will es el último guardián y la verdad es que si todos eran tan malos como él, entiendo que los mataran, la abuela aparece para visarla de peligros y no dice nada, el padre, la hermana, todo es un lío!! Lo peor es que, cuando acabas el libro, estás igual que al principio: no entiendes nada.
review 2: Oh man, I thought the first book was just so hilarious. This one fell flat in the comedy for me. Sophie started to get annoying in the first book, this book she was absolutely irritating. Every other chapter she was either getting beat up or she was getting possessed OR she w
... moreas crying. And it was more crying than anything. The whole relationship with Alex is like crazy annoying and complicated and then the author introduces Will? I mean really a pretend Cop and a pretend Fireman? Jezus. But overall the book was super fast paced, like so fast I barely knew what was going on half the time. I did like all the Nina moments she's definitely my fav. If the book could be about Nina, I'd totally dig it. Also who is that cover suppose to be? because that definitely NOT Sophie! Because Sophie is basically useless unless someone does the dirty work for her. But from all the flaws, I still managed to fairly like the book enough to finish it. Lately if the book kinda sucks I've been abandoning them. less
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seriously, this is like the worst cover ever. this cover couldn't be less relevant to the story.
Great Read again this author keeps you on the edge of your seat! Love the humor!
Meh. I'll elaborate after the New Year's eve.
Love this book!
4.5 stars
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