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Under The Gun (2013)

by Hannah Jayne(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
0758281102 (ISBN13: 9780758281104)
Underworld Detection Agency
review 1: While I enjoyed the first couple books of the series, I expect more from our heroine at this point. The non stop cheesy one liners and the heroine's constant "hand fluttering" just annoyed me. She still gives off a HUGE Mary Sue vibe. We are still battling with the lackluster love triangle; where innuendos are the foreplay and no one can seem to address the elephant in the room. We just hear a lot of whining about it. The plot, in my opinion suffers in here, because most of the attention is spent on making Sophie appear to be an accidental hero. I just couldn't take anymore.
review 2: I don't know if I'm, more amused or frustrated reading this book because Sophie is truly fun but in the same time suffers too for Alex and she is was hurt every few pages. Sofh
... moreie is smart but as protagonist and heroine of story, don't has too luck.Yes, she has few friends but good but her love life suck! I don't liked never Alex, be a fallen angel that want come back in heaven ,not makes of him a good boyfriend and seems that even him not want be so what do remain to poor Sophie? So ,I think that in this series we'll can read a lot adventures of Sophie, Nina,Vlad,Pete,Will...and Alex but we must waited for the happy end. So ,please Ms Jayne don't to make us wait too. less
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Under the Gun is entertaining, but it did not hold my attention, and seemed a little long.
Sophie is seriously starting to get on my nerves. She's a simpering idiot.
She is getting better at being a hero..Super hero costume Nina
Fun and entertaining. :)
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