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Marco Impossible (2013)

by Hannah Moskowitz(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 3
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: Stephen has always been the sidekick of the super-sleuth duo he shares with his best friend Marco. Now Marco is getting bullied for being gay, a nerd, and the being a fanatic detective, and Stephen is trying to do his best to solve this mystery behind his "boss's" back. It can be funny at times, and a good read, but Marco's personality will get in the way of many readers and he won't come off as a very likable character. Still, worth a read.
review 2: I am on the fence with this book. I found it in the children's section of the library, which was obviously an error. It should have been in the YA/Teen section, in my opinion. I like that the author wasn't afraid at all to deal with a very out, gay middle grade character named Marco. However, Marco was so cont
... morerolling with his best friend, Stephen, that I was just ticked off at him most of the book! He was one of those "all about me" characters that never really showed a lot of redeeming qualities, which I kept hoping for. Thank goodness he is balanced by Stephen, whom I loved! I loved the family dynamics that shaped Stephen, and probably made him much more patient than I would ever have been with Marco. In terms of plot, I initially was not "hooked" when reading this book, but there was enough brewing to keep me going. Midway through, I thought the author did a nice job of getting me interested in a character I really didn't like, but the ending sent me right back to the fence on this book. I did not find the ending believable, but rather found it pretty cheesy. Perhaps this is what makes a good book though - when we are left pondering it and wondering how we really feel! I will enjoy reading other readers' reactions, for sure! less
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Adored this book. Even made me cry a little. More review to come.
I would read anything by this flawless woman. Anything.
Though predictable, it was an entertaining read.
More complex than it first appears to be.
3.5 stars
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