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Zombie Tag (2011)

by Hannah Moskowitz(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 4
1596437200 (ISBN13: 9781596437203)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: A very nice read about loss and dealing with loss. And zombies. An interesting approach here. I kept forgetting where there was a zombie-element and the reveal at the end was a little anti-climactic for me as I was really reading into the relationship between Wil and Graham. So, this is not a criticism but a celebration of the approach. If you want to read about zombies coming back to life, you're in. . .and if you want to read about love and loss and putting it all back together. . .you're in. Handing this one over to Noah next. . .
review 2: This is definitely not what I thought it would be. Judging this book by the cover, I thought it would be a funny, snarky Zombie novel. But, it is actually really heartbreaking. It is about a young boy, Wil, who loses his
... morebrother to a deadly asthma attack. Wil wants his brother back and will do whatever he can to achieve his goal. So, he rings a bell which awakens the dead within a five mile radius. His brother returns home but he is not the brain-eating type Zombie, his is the definition of zombie ... remote, unfeeling, detached. He just feels nothing. I bought this book for the library collection and I am going to return it. I don't thing it will circulate well with my students. It is ultimately a book about coping with the death of a sibling. less
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it was weird and funny at the same time i thought they were going to be fighting real life zombies.
The book was not what I was expecting but it was a pleasant surprise. Definitely enjoyed it.
What a sweet, totally odd MG book. Kind of made me want a zombie brother.
I wrote this book. It isn't a true story.
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