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Koningsmoord (2006)

by Hanne-Vibeke Holst(Favorite Author)
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review 1: *** CONTAINS SPOILERS ***Even though I hate reading how women are physically abused, the book gives a good account of the way the victims think. The psychology of all this is well developed. Especially Linda, whom you can see struggling with herself all the time as she has many demons to fight: her husband, the alcohol, herself ... At the end of the book it becomes clear that all this has roots in her youth, which is at that moment some kind of a blow as she has done her own 'regicide', but in the end it explains it all.I also like the fact that Holst portrays two kind of victims: the subjected woman of a rich politician and a young Turkish woman who is struggling too. Yasemin has to balance Danish and Turkish culture, more than she is aware of. It was very realistic. Rece... morently I saw this documentary about a girl who got murdered by her brothers because she was too western. The most surprising thing for me was the fact that Danish Turks are more conservative than the ones in the places they come from. Well I shouldn't have been that surprised. I had quite a weird conversation with a taxi driver in Copenhagen in 2012. He stated Islam is not a religion, but an ideology, the third one next to and the perfect alternative for capitalism and communism. Islam is better because it comes from God. I couldn’t resist asking annoying questions, of course. How to fit in the concept of atheism in that kind of society puzzled him a bit. But the good news -AHUM- was that women wouldn’t be able to have sex without being married first, so that we won’t be throw away sex objects no longer. I was a bit shocked after this drive, but then again I wasn’t surprised this happened in Copenhagen reminding the uproar after the Mohammed cartoons.What Holst describes very good as well is the way politics work: the back stabbing, the strategy, the fact that it's all about liking or disliking people instead of judging based on a policy which is good for society ...
review 2: Rigtig god opfølgning til Kronprinsessen, men sagtens kan læses selvstændigt. Flere personer er gengangere fra Kronprinsessen, hovedpersonen, Charlotte er denne gang reduceret til en bi-person og hovedrollen er overladt til Linda, der er gift med en af partiets stærke mænd Gert, der er dog meget langt fra den officielle Gert til privatlivets tragedier.En ny spændende person er indvandre-pigen Yasemin, der arbejder i et studenterjob på Christiansborg og oplever nogle voldsomme personlige omvæltninger i den periode bogen foregår.Jeg vil anbefale at have god tid inden man går i gang med bogens sidste fjerdedel; den bliver umulig at lægge fra sig, og kostere mig et par timers nattesøvn...uden at det egentligt gjorde mig noget, for det er en meget velskrevet og spændende bog. less
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En god og stærk bog om politik og dens rævekager, integrationspolitik og hustruvold.
Leuk boek voor de fans van Borgen en The West Wing.
Superspændende roman.2. del af Kronprinsessen
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