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Andersen's Fairy Tales (2013)

by Hans Christian Andersen(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 5
0451532074 (ISBN13: 9780451532077)
Signet Classics
review 1: 1. Tales from Hans Andersen Level:22. I spent 80 minutes on this book.3. Tales Duckling Nightingale Mermaid Emperor's-Clothes Thumbelina Happy4. In the Emperor's New Clothes, two bad men were bad and they liked money but they didn't want to work for it. So they lied that they made the Emperor's clothes. Actually, they didn't make it but he didn't see anything but he thought only clever person could see. So he said he could see the beautiful clothes. Finally, he walked without clothes in the street and people laughed him. So, what do you think about this book? I think two men were bad, of course, but the Emperor was not clever. He had to notice the truth. If such a person walk the street, I don't laugh but maybe I am disgusted at.5. This book was interesting for me. It was... more easy to read, and I enjoyed it. Also, I knew about some of this book, so I was really interested in these story!
review 2: It was nice to actually read fairy tales, the stories I have come to know as books. Being the real ones, filled with the reality of life, if seems just the right time to read them, and to wake up from the happy stories and find out the real depth of these timeless stories. These fairy tales that used to help me pass time in my childhood gave me lessons I can now fully comprehend.I am thankful for having read these stories again, because I have deepened my connection with them. And I am finally growing up, with these stories. less
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So far, my two favourites are the saddest ones: The Little Mermaid and The Little Match Girl.
Je n'adore que quelques-unes de ses contes de fée: celles magnifiquement-illustrées.
Grön. Inbunden. H. C: Andersen. Sagor och berättelser 1835-45
The tales for adults behind the tales for kids...
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