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Locke (2014)

by Harper Sloan(Favorite Author)
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Harper Sloan
Corps Security
review 1: So this was the one I was really waiting for and it was ok. Not great, but not bad, except for the sex scenes which were ridiculous. Every time was head poppingly great, with simultaneous orgasm, with him hitting her cervix (ouch!), yada, yada. I gave this series my best shot and over all it was two stars for me. I'm done with this author unless things change - like characters start having, well, character rather than characteristics. And conversations rather than one word grunts. And sex that's hot but different each time and maybe a tad more realistic.
review 2: Have I told you how much I LOVE these men of Corps Security? No one writes alpha male better than Harper Sloan!! In this final addition to the CS Series, we finally get to read Maddox Locke's story. I
... more knew this was going to be good and I was NOT disappointed. Locke is intense, sexy, intense, did I say intense?! He is one hot piece of man candy! Everything about him screams ALPHA MALE!!!!After years of verbal abuse, Maddox truly believes that he ruins everything that he touches with his black soul. Giving up on love after an epic betrayal from years past, Maddox meets Emmy...the one girl that gives him the hope that he deserves more...that he deserves to love and to be loved. The only problem is...is that Emmy is fighting demons of her own. Demons that have resurfaced and that are trying to reclaim her.As much and Maddox and Emmy are physically drawn to each other, they both deny themselves what they want for fear of losing it all. Despite their inner struggles, their love for each other is undeniable."The day I met you, my body was screaming to run. I hadn't felt like that...ever. You brought out every single emotion that I had been fighting to keep locked away." ~ Maddox LockeEmmy was such a fire cracker with so much sass! I loved her from the beginning of this series. She was always the strong one. Lending her heart and her shoulder to the girls that came before her in their journey's with the delicious men of CS. Now it was her turn, her story, but now she was struggling to find her place but this time...it was Locke who was her savior."I'm here. I'm not going anywhere and I'm fighting...for you, for me. for us." ~ Maddox LockeIf you are like me and love hot, sexy alpha males...then this series, this book is for you! Each book can be read as a stand-alone but I would highly recommend you read them all and in written order to get the full emotional story of each couple. I promise you, you will not be disappointed! Harper Sloan does an amazing job of telling a suspenseful, steamy, love story! less
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Every woman deserves a man like Maddox.
Absolutely love this series!!
4.5 stars... great series!!!
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