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The Snatchabook (2013)

by Helen Docherty(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 4
1402290829 (ISBN13: 9781402290824)
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
review 1: Opening this book you are transported to bed time regardless of the time of day you are actually reading this book. You start yawing along with the characters getting read to and then feel the goose bumps rise on your arms when you realize the characters books have just disappeared so suddenly. Soon you realize that you too have to find where all these books are going to! You are by Eliza Brown's side, helping her fight the urge to fall asleep and you feel her mixed emotions as she does find the book thief. You understand her reasoning as she talks to the snatchabook and you to also make sure that the snatchabook gives back the books he stole. Then as you close the book you pear up from the top of it just to make sure that the snatchabook isn't actually cuddled up next to ... moreyour foot listening to you read this story, even if it feels differently. It is truly genius.
review 2: Browsing in the bookstore, I came across this mystery book for children. One youngster resolves to get to the bottom of why books are disappearing, determined to investigate the mystery, though scared of who she will find the book culprit to be. Ultimately the young detective ends up retrieving the books and making a new friend. A likable read that will draw your young reader into the mystery genre. less
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Sweet rhyming book with a little mystery. Where are all the books going?
A clever tale of how important being read to is! I love the rhyming! :)
Loved this!
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