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Help! We Need A Title! (2013)

by Hervé Tullet(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 4
Walker Books Ltd.
review 1: This book is charming, engaging, and mostly great. I'm already a fan of Herve Tullet's other books. I'm also a fan of picture books that "break the fourth wall". It was a bit long so I'm debating whether it will work for story time or not. I'm also not a huge fan of the illustrations. They're a little too scattered all over the place for me, although I get it; these child-like illustrations are probably very accessible for young children. I definitely think this book would make a great model for children to begin creating and illustrating their own stories.
review 2: Let me begin by saying this is a difficult book to review because I am still not entirely sure how I feel about it. Help! We Need A Title! is a story about story characters that were not prepared f
... moreor you to open up the book, and now are scrambling to put together a story to entertain the reader. The characters are not very successful in putting together the story themselves so they have to enlist the help of Henre Tullet, the author to make a story. Even after the story is told by the author, the characters are not completely satisfied and neither was I as a reader. The book is the epitome of metafiction. The characters talk about being in a book and the author is a character who writes the book. I'm not sure how well this level of metafiction translates to children. The story was confusing, but even more frustrating was that it did not seem to have a definite ending. It just kind of stopped. Tullet's illustrations are also very bizarre. They are drawn as if they were created by a four year old. I am not saying this to be mean or put down Tullet. It seems like that was the style he was going for in his book (with the exception of the few pages where Tullet the character decides to illustrate the story within the story). He also uses several photographs of his face with a drawn on body to illustrate himself as a character. I would not recommend this book for children, because of how confusing the concepts of metafiction can be, especially since the picture book is obviously written for very young children who are just learning to read. less
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A fun picture book. The students will love Herve Tullet's interactive story telling.
Great concept - having the author participate in the story!
It had potential but fell short.
so clever!
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