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El Cielo Es Azul, La Tierra Blanca (2001)

by Hiromi Kawakami(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
El Acantilado
review 1: This is a quirky story about two people who fall in love over a period of time. Tsukiko, who is 38, meets her old Japanese teacher in a bar. The teacher is 30 years older than she is. Over a long period of time, they start dating and eventually fall in love. Both of these people find it difficult to really talk and share and their lives are rather simple. It just was hard to really like either of the main characters or get interested int their relationship....the basis of the whole story.
review 2: A very quiet tale. Our protagonists go out drinking and don't talk about their feelings. Ever. I'd say this is a story of cautious love. Love forming uncertainly, tentatively and tenderly. Not a lot of action, kids. A story of the mundane. Hard to real
... morely put inot words but it's rather bittersweetly frustrating. I would have liked a little more than what I got. Sensei didn't feel complete. Although there are moment he is almost there, and a lovely sequence in a seaside inn. less
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Sweet and clean plot line of 2 lonely mismatch person. Really lovely read
I have this book as: STRANGE WEATHER IN TOKYO
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