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Strobe Edge, Tome 2 (2007)

by Io Sakisaka(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 2
2505011842 (ISBN13: 9782505011842)
Strobe Edge
review 1: I felt bad for Ninako. She tried her best to not keep things awkward with her and Ren. After she confessed, she wanted to remain friends with him. There were times when she acted awkward and said awkward things. What’s even worse is she knew she was doing it, but didn’t know how to stop. I definitely can relate to that a lot.Another bad thing that resulted after she confessed is that one of Ren’s friends, Ano, witnessed her confessing and a lot of other people as well. So once again, people are constantly saying what they think Ninako should do or commenting on how she is acting about it.I really couldn’t stand Ando at times. I felt like he made the situation between Ninako and Ren worse. I did find it funny how Ando was about constantly trying to girl’s phone nu... morembers though.Daiki even finds himself getting confessed to. I’m not for sure how I feel about it because I really like him a lot better than Ren. I just feel like Ren seems to hide his emotions a lot.
review 2: I was pleasantly surprised by Vol. 2. Ren doesn't confess his love for Ninako--he tells her that he has a girlfriend and they agree to just be friends. Ando, a new character, is kind of a player but sees something in Ninako and tells Ren to stop leading her on. She still loves him and is hurt by his apparent rejection of her when really all he wants to do is stop hurting her. At the end of their story, Ren is embracing her. We finally see that maybe he does care for her, but then the story changes and flashes back to when Ren and his girlfriend first meet. His girlfriend is a sympathetic character, and the story just shows how complicated love can really be. less
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Se me hacen super cortos, y eso que ya no sé ni cuántas veces me he leído este manga entero!
Amazing! I fell in love with this manga!! so cute :3
i'm in love , this is more than great T_T
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