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Il Confine Dell'eternità (2013)

by J.A. Redmerski(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
Fabbri Editori
The Edge of Never
review 1: I really liked seeing how far Cam and Andrew have developed in character and seeing what happened to them after the happy-ever-after ending in book 1. Like all real life relationships, fairy tale endings are just never the ending. There's always obstacles and new issues and so on. Reading this book will bring us closer to their relationship as they grow together and travel together and keeping their love going strong even after everything.A little dragging, this novel is kind of a filler story, and an extended epilogue of the book 1. Im glad I read it though. Made me happy knowing how they ended, and how they stayed together, brought up a kid together, and eventually fulfilled their dreams together.
review 2: As my review on the first book, it was wonderful. Le
... moressons learned, hardships, experiences, living life, and fulfilling your dreams. I loved it. My only complaint is that this book wasn't necessary. The first one ended perfectly and left you with so much adoration for Cam & Andrew, and while you learn more about the rest of their life in this second book, I would have been happier if I stopped at the end of the first. I appreciate them though, and found this story totally and utterly inspiring.Plus, Ive reverted back to listening to classic rock, much like I used too, and I find it liberating! (My husband loves it too!) less
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Whimsical tale of fighting to keep away the relationships blahs..angsty, fresh.
Beautiful story of the struggles and triumphs of love. I absolutely loved it
This novel had inspired me. A LOT. I would never forget about this.
not as good as the first one, but still awesome!!
4.8 stars
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