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The Ghosts Of Ashbury High (2010)

by Jaclyn Moriarty(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
0545069726 (ISBN13: 9780545069724)
Arthur A. Levine Books
review 1: Moriarty is amazing. On the surface, the Ashbury/Brookfield books epistolary comedies about teens in high school meeting, crushing, and breaking up. Then there's also very realistic layer about the stress of final years, and college applications, and family problems and such. And in this one, there's a whole 'nother layer of historical interest wrapped up in a gothic style that is spot on. There are ghosts of all kinds, and mysteries to solve, and a fun Scooby Doo mood as well as something much darker and more dangerous. Dead brill.
review 2: A couple of years ago I read Moriarty's 'Becoming Bindy Mackenzie', and although I don't remember much about the storyline, I remembered how she had unique ways of telling the story, and that the storyline was very in
... moreteresting. So I thought I would see how this book faired - and I was not disappointed. Throughout the story, the characters of Emily, Lydia, Toby, Riley, and Amelia tell the tale through English exams, blogs and letters. By using this style, Moriarty keeps the readers hooked, even through the dull bits. Although some bits of the story seemed completely random and unimportant, in the end the reader finds out how every bit of the story is connected, so you finish it with a sense of satisfaction. My only criticisms are that some parts of the story - like the parts about Tom and Constance's letters - were boring, and that some of the writing fonts Moriarty used were hard to read. But apart from that, the storyline was brilliant, and her use of sarcasm was hilarious! less
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two scholarship students come to a private school, told through assignments, the kids are weird
I didn't finished it because I lost interest in this book =(
3.5 stars.
4 stars
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