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Scouting For The Reaper (2014)

by Jacob M. Appel(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 3
1937854957 (ISBN13: 9781937854959)
Black Lawrence Press
review 1: This is another outstanding piece of work by Jacob Appel. This is my 3rd book of his and I have two more ready to go: "The Biology of Luck" and waiting for the release of "The Man Who Wouldn't Stand Up". I have truly become an Appel fan. His short stories are well written and all contain, though sometimes well hidden, a fairly significant point. Life is full of issues and he lays his stories out to tell the tale!
review 2: I am not typically a short story reader but the title and the cover design for this book has been calling to me for months now. Each story was unique and descriptive while at the same time managing to be open and relatable. I felt like they're were a lot of life lessons throughout this short story collection and it could easily be interpreted
... more into a personal meaning. The quality of the plot in each and every story was so excellent that I was sad when it ended, if each one was turned into a full size novel I would purchase them all. scouting for the reaper goes beyond just being about the angel of death and the afterlife, there was not a boring page to be found. It was an engrossing and super fun read, I am even considering reading more short stories on my future. less
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This is kind of a lonely book....lonely is the theme for sure...
I like the one with the electrician and the old lady!
8 Short Stories .
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