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The Flu (A Novel Of The Outbreak) (2012)

by Jacqueline Druga(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
1618680129 (ISBN13: 9781618680129)
Permuted Press
review 1: Stupid, stupid, stupid. Need I say more? The characters were unbelievable, the scenario for the flu virus was over the top and the profanity-riddled dialogue of the police chief's mother was so unnecessary and inappropriate it made me wonder where this author's head was at while she was writing this story. I think because she knew the story was so thin that it needed completely unnecssary profanity and sexual exploits to make it interesting. Don't read this book, it's a waste of time.
review 2: I read everything I can get my hands on about biological germ warfare or just germs in general that can wipe out human population as we know it.This author has captured that oh my God moment for me this book was really fabulous. She had a fabulous way of really takin
... moreg the characters and telling a true story all over the world of what people were going through and she didn't hold back in the telling of the story I look forward to reading many more books from this author. Many times I've read books about viruses intending to wipe out the population and they end on a really happy note I was glad to see that Jacqueline Druga took a real account of what could happen and held nothing back it didn't end well and that's what made it real for me less
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I'd give it higher because it's a great storyline, but way way way too much language and other junk.
Kept me interested and glad that I got my flu shot this year. A little like The Stand.
Loved it. So happy there is a Flu 2!
great story
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