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West Coast Blues (1976)

by Jacques Tardi(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
1606992953 (ISBN13: 9781606992951)
review 1: An aimless young sales executive who likes to mix booze and barbiturates and drive his Mercedes at 90mph around the rim roads of Paris stumbles onto a crime scene and finds himself pursued by some very bad people. Actually they are bad but strangely ineffective, and the hero, who at first seems clueless and easy pickings, proves to be adept at doing whatever it takes to stay alive. Tardi's drawings quickly establish locales as various as tourist-infested beaches or the French Alps. This is based on a novel by Jean Patrick Machette and captures the feel of the best crime stories of the French New Wave.
review 2: i really liked this one. the path of the narration reminds me of a French New Wave film, lots of cuts, like Godard. some things you knew way before th
... moreey happened. it's not structured like a typical crime story, mostly because the main character isn't a criminal or the law. that said, Gerfaut is in no way a sympathetic character. in fact, the two thugs were my favorite characters by far. the story is a fresh take on crime comix and one of the only ones i can say i liked. less
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More great art from Tardi, and not a bad little crime story. Very French though, lol.
Gritty, noir fiction set in France, illustrated in black and white. Quite good.
Sufficiently French.
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