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Inland Empire (2009)

by James Buchanan(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 1
1603707328 (ISBN13: 9781603707329)
Torquere Press
Taking the Odds
review 1: Nick and Brandon are back. After risking his career at the end of the last book by sending in the troops to rescue Nick, Brandon is now out to his partner. While his partner is still not 100% comfortable about what he knows, Brandon is still under wraps with the rest of the department. But Nick is recuperating from his injuries and has come to Brandon's neck of the woods to recover. When Brandon's department is trying to bust a gambling ring, however, Nick's skills as both tech-geek and gaming agent come in handy and Nick is dragged into the taskforce. Nick is completely out about his sexuality, however, and while he doesn't come right out and admit that he's gay, Brandon is tense that his very mannerisms are screaming that he's a "poof". Will Brandon's fear chase aw... moreay Nick just as they are starting to get closer?Another great story in this series. Again, I love Nick and Brandon sometimes makes me want to grab him by the shoulders and give him a good shaking. I think that's how we're supposed to feel about Brandon, though, and the character development in this book is really good. I am really enjoying this series.
review 2: Take note that this book was released by another publisher in 2009 and because of the continuing relationship of Nick and Brandon, Cheating Chance should be read first.It's a romance but its also a police procedural where Brandon and Nick are involved in a task force investigation. I like these guys and watching them try to work together was interesting, but worrying about being outed puts a big strain on their relationship and eventually Nick leaves, almost breaking up with him. The author does a good job expressing the frustration of both men but manages to realistically work them through the problems to a solution they can live with. Overall-the story is well written, has a complicated plot with interesting secondary characters, and is filled with witty dialogue, blistering hot sex, lots of misunderstandings between Nick and Brandon and plenty of action. Enjoy. less
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Nicky & Brandon continued - I thought it was better than the first book, Cheating Chance.
Nicky and Brandon really stole the show. Good read.
4.5 stars
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