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Consequences (2010)

by James Moran(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
1846077842 (ISBN13: 9781846077845)
BBC Books
review 1: So I was super excited to read all of the Torchwood books and the one I started with was really good...this one, not so much. It was written by a lot of different authors, first of all, and you could really tell. There was no consistency and in fact the book was kind of confusing. It was almost like short stories but they were sort of connected...I found myself confused more than amused...ah well. Hopefully the next ones will be better as I ordered 4 more from Amazon!
review 2: I chose the short story anthology to begin my dive into the Torchwood novels, hoping to find a Torchwood author I liked. None of the authors particularly stood out to me, but I enjoyed the exposure to Gwen, Jake, and Ianto. The writers of the these stories also helped write the scripts o
... moref the TV series, so the dialogue and characteristics of the three team members were spot on. I also enjoyed the alien artifacts and minor characters introduced in these stories. less
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Enjoyed reading these stories. Think my favourites were "Kaleidoscope", "Virus" and "Consequences".
sad that this is the last Torchwood book, I love these books and wish there were more
a collection of short stories, all tied together. some where better than others.
Too many stories about babies, but Owen, I have missed yooooou~!
Nicely interwoven collection of Torchwood short stories.
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