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The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 3 (2009)

by James Robinson(Favorite Author)
4.48 of 5 Votes: 5
1401222846 (ISBN13: 9781401222840)
DC Comics
Starman II Omnibus
review 1: Starman is not a super hero comic. Well, I take that back. Starman is a super hero book, but through its heart and depth of character it outshines its counterparts and contemporaries. James Robinson's greatest work continues to reverberate years after its initial printing not because Jack Knight, the seventh Starman, has a cool costume - in fact he barely has one, settling for the practicality of a jacket over the flash of a cape - or a grim and gritty demeanor - he's actually laid back, though high strung when a super villain attempts to kill him. No, Starman soars because it's about character over action, and in this third volume of Robinson's opus we're privy to Jack Knights continued evolution as a person. Ultimately, it's a book about a man growing up; a son embracin... moreg his father's legacy, as well as admitting his love and respect for him; it's about recognizing that being a hero is about more than throwing a good punch, or shooting off a high energy laser beam. Its a book that fully embraces its pulpy roots, but never allows itself to become weighed down in super hero tropes - perfect example, when Jack falls in love we're not met with the cliche of the girlfriend that is unaware of his identity, but rather a woman who gets to decide for herself whether or not she can be a man who could potentially die on his next great adventure. With its eye on the future but its heart in the past, Starman continues to demonstrate why its a book for the ages.
review 2: Here we are. The third Starman Omnibus.As I've mentioned in other Starman reviews, Starman is more than just a superhero series. It's the story of Jack Knight trying to fill his father's shoes as Starman. Jack is not your average superhero and should be relatable to a large segment of the comic reading audience.In this volume, we get the tale of The Shade and his centuries long battle against the Ludlow family, a tale of Will Payton, Sadie's past, Dr. Pip, a trip into Solomon Grundy's subconscious courtesy of Batman and the Fluoronic Man, the Black Pirate's ghost, the Mist taking down Justic League Europe, the relationship between Ted Knight and the golden age Black Canary, and more character moments between Jack and the supporting cast. Jack and Davey eating with the ghosts of the Justice Soceity was a touching moment, especially from the Red Bee.Robinson and Harris did some great work in this volume. It's not often I nearly tear up during a moment in a comic but this had one. Poor Solly. The Shade continues to be a well-rounded character. At the close of the volume, the stage is set for Jack's trip into space and Tony Harris's departure from the book.There's not much point in recommending this book. If you've read the previous omnibuses, you'll definitely want to read this one. If you haven't read any Starman, you'd be well served to start with the first omnibus or first tradepaperback, Sins of the Father.BTW, Batman's favorite Woody Allen movie is Crimes and Misdemeanors. less
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I like these (and James Robinson) less and less as the story progresses.
Some of the best comics I've read. Love it.
You simply can't beat this series.
The best so far.
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