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Honor Among Thieves (2014)

by James S.A. Corey(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
0345546857 (ISBN13: 9780345546852)
Empire and Rebellion
review 1: Very disappointed with this entry in the new Rebellion series. The author has a poor grasp of Han's character, making him a clumsy buffoon who only ever succeeds at something through dumb luck. Han is not the hero of this story; new character Scarlet Hark is. Hark is an obvious attempt to create a new Mara Jade for the new Disney-approved EU--no thanks. I'll take the real Mara Jade, please and thank you. I also loathed the appearance of a Noghri about halfway through the book. The Noghri was female and was positively identified as a Noghri. Way to crap all over Zahn's work. If they wanted to keep the Noghri species in the new EU, they could also have kept the culture.Overall, lackluster book. Difficult to finish.
review 2: This is far and away the best Star War
... mores audiobook I've listened to, and on top of that a great Star Wars book in general. The voice acting was amazing - not only did he pull off Chewbacca's grunts and roars, but he also managed to make the female characters NOT sound like wilting flowers, unlike every single other male reader. The voices were varied and added to the story - I found myself laughing out loud in the middle of the gym while listening to this. I could've sworn that Harrison Ford himself was delivering some of Han's lines. Credit for those last two goes to the author as well, though. It's very easy - and very common - for Star Wars authors to rely on their readers' knowledge of the universe and especially the Big Three, and so characters are often just riff on lines from the movies. Rarely, it seems, do the authors actually take time to think about what Luke or Han or Leia would say or do. But Corey developed his characters! Han had some qualms about which side he should be on (that were not neatly wrapped up with a side of moral certitude at the end of the story, thankfully), and we even got to see a new talent of his that made sense, and also made him both endearing and useful. And even though the first book in this trilogy was the one that focused on Leia, I feel this one did a better job showing the stress and grief Leia feels after Alderaan. in general, I like that this trilogy is a return to adventure stories, where the Big Bad enemy is the Empire but there are a lot of other obstacles (and character and world building!) along the way. less
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LOVW the Rebellion-set stories. This one had a great many twists and turns. Excellent!
The quality of these new SW novels is really improving!
One of the best Star Wars novels I've read recently
Not bad, a fun romp. Brings me back.
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