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Die Begegnung (2013)

by Janet Edwards(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
3499259346 (ISBN13: 9783499259340)
Earth Girl
review 1: Ugh. Maybe I've spent too much time reading dystopian novels because this book felt ridiculously, unrealistically chipper. Main character Jarra can do anything: lead military teams without experience, recover from PTSD just like that, and outsmart everyone all while giggling and proclaiming "it was zan!!!"The good: Fantastic imaging of portal (transport technology), far future location, portrayal of archeology and history as exciting, and an interesting premise (handicapped = people with genetic condition that won't let them go off-world). Probably best appreciated by imaginative, optimistic teens.
review 2: I'm so sad I didn't love this one like the first! I guess the pacing felt right in Earth Girl with the primary plot being about Jarra being handicapped and
... more hiding it from the others/learning to like the others. With Earth Star it jumps right into alien contact, bam bam bam crazy things happening, then quiet, going back to class and aliens having nothing to do with the story. I still NEED to read the next one but Earth Star felt more like a bridge between the first and the third books than Insurgent did. less
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As good as first book. Now I'm eagerly waiting for the release of Earth Flight.
A big smile. A sequel even better than the original book.
I liked this better than the first one!
Loved this one even more..
Review to come.
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