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Earth Flight (2014)

by Janet Edwards(Favorite Author)
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000744351X (ISBN13: 9780007443512)
Harper Voyager UK
Earth Girl
review 1: In "Earth Flight" the final conclusion to Janet Edwards YA science fiction trilogy, Jarra Tell Morrath has become a celebrity not only to people on earth but those on the planets. Not everyone is happy with her new status as a military commander, her twoing contract with a norm or her membership in the Tell clan which jeopardize the existing social order. To stop the emerging social revolution Jarra's enemies will do anything to kill her.Just as the political landscape continues to crumble endangering the existing peace, the Alien Contact Program has uncovered an extraterrestrial artifact on a distant planet that requires Jarra and Fian's joint effort to unlock its secrets. Unable to portal to other planets Jarra must also make a life threatening decision or the alien t... moreechnology will be lost forever.With vivid imagery Janet Edwards has created a futuristic world where people trapped on Earth because of their immune systems are despised, considered sub-human by the norms and belittled as "apes". Often a handicapped child born to planetary parents are orphaned and raised in Hospital Earth as Jarra was. But she's an exception because of her fierce determination and a lie, that helped qualify her for a place on the University of Asgard's archaeological team based on Earth. With every military exploit including being instrumental in saving a spaceship crew and unlocking the secret of an alien probe Jarra's fame has increased. When her secret and heritage were revealed the Betans still offered her membership in the Tell clan and Fian's love only grew stronger. But the repercussions extended far beyond what she could have imagined as a voice for social change and equality began to swell throughout the universe. This novel doesn't just deal with the question of the alien technology but rather with a change that would bring harmony and unification to the universe and humanity on Earth.The plot is fast-paced as the tension and suspense mounts, especially after Jarra's life is threatened and with her need to portal to another planet to unlock the ancient alien technology. The drama is often broken by bits of humor like Jarra and Fian's re-enactment of their favorite program. Action-packed and enthralling this novel is riveting from beginning to end with a climax that leaves an opening for future plotlines. I for one would like to know more about the chimera and the ancient alien civilization that's been decimated. Fian Eklund remains intelligent, hard-headed, and realistic. Mild-mannered his temper shows when his father tries to breakup his relationship with Jarra, or when she tries to distance herself to protect him. Jarra Tell Morrath continues to be impatient, independent, and impulsive. Haunted by a childhood that lacked close family ties, she tends to be emotionally inept if she has to show her feelings. Of their friends Krath lacks common sense; Dalmora's kind and compassionate; Amalie loyal and sensible and Raven a brave and dedicated warrior. All these characters add to the passion and energy of this exciting novel.I thoroughly enjoyed "Earth Flight", rate it highly and will look for more novels by Janet Edwards.
review 2: Really cool how the author connects everything throughout the series without relying too much on cliffhangers (though I did go straight from 2 to 3, so it didn't feel like a cliffhanger to me the way it might for others. But just get the whole series straight out now!).This whole thing is Jarra's dream come true, the dream come true for any orphan. She has a family, a clan that wants to recognize her as a member. And though it's amazing, she's still dealing with plenty, from first contact with aliens to the reemergence of a dangerous enemy from the past. And she knows the military she reveres is using her as propaganda, and plenty of norms aren't happy with the way she's showing the worlds of humanity that the handicapped are more than apes.Bur Jarra is tenacious and isn't willing to compromise. She's flawed and knows it, accepts it, and is working on her issues. She's a great role model facing decades-old prejudices with similarities that can be seen in our culture today. This is a fantastic end to a fantastic series. Definitely a new favorite. less
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3.5 stars. Really good series! Will there be another book about Fortuna?
Great ending to a fun Saga.
A decent ending.
Totally zan :D
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