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Earth Star (2013)

by Janet Edwards(Favorite Author)
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0007443501 (ISBN13: 9780007443505)
Harper Voyager
Earth Girl
review 1: Again, interesting premise but very much a children's book. Jarra is given ridiculously unbelievable promotions and responsibilities (e.g. suddenly made a 'Major' in the military and put in charge of the archaeological dig for the alien device which will save the world). Her boyfriend is given lots of promotions too just because he's... her boyfriend! Her constant whining and resentment of being an 'ape' is not ringing true considering the accolades and admiration she receives on every page.
review 2: Eight centuries from now humanity has spread across the galaxy using teleportation portals. But some like Jarra, are handicapped to like on Earth because their immune system would kill them on any other planet. But this Earth Girl (paper) has settled in working fo
... morer a history degree with normals who are doing Archeology on Earth’s ancient cities. Then, suddenly, and alien craft appears at Earth Star (hard from Pyr) and Jarra and her boy friend are soon drafted into the Military. Janet Edwards has nothing really original to say about this first contact and, unlike the first tale, really has to stretch coincidence to get Jarra in the middle of the action. Still it’s an enjoyable series with a likable heroine overcoming odds to get what she wants. Review printed in the Philadelphia Weekly Press less
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Damn these are fantastic. Really thorough world building.
just awesome. I hope it doesn't end with this book.
loved this.
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