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Scalped, Vol. 6: The Gnawing (2010)

by Jason Aaron(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 2
1401227171 (ISBN13: 9781401227173)
review 1: In The Gnawing, all hell breaks loose.This is easily the fastest-moving and most action-packed volume of SCALPED so far. Many of the threads laid out in previous volumes come together here, so suddenly and violently that there's no room for flashbacks or introspection this time. Red Crow prepares to face the fall-out from his actions regarding Mr. Brass, as the Hmoungs come to the Rez for retribution. Meanwhile Dash Bad Horse's cover is excruciatingly close to being blown, and he is forced to take drastic measures to secure it. Officer Franklin Falls Down edges ever closer to finding Gina's killer, and when he finally does we're left with a nerve-wracking cliff-hanger (please be all right, Falls Down!!). Agent Nitz seems a breath away from a complete breakdown. And Catcher... more, the former radical turned mystic, takes steps to make amends for his past crimes-- even if it means doing things far worse.Some major characters bite the bullet (or multiple bullets!) in this one, closing out their arcs, but things seem far from over.
review 2: I don't fucking believe it. How did Aaron pull of such a masterful tale? The suspense, the amazing turns, the sheer inevitability of how this was going down. Noir really is the best colour for a good story. And his partner Guera has mastered the look of shitty, tramped-on people who stare into the abyss and somehow keep on walking. Red Crow is my absolute hero in all this, and that is a supreme accomplishment. less
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A lot of people die in this volume. I mean, seriously. Makes me want to major in gravedigging.
For a summation of my thoughts read the brief review in the notes of TPB book one.
La fin d'un premier cycle, toujours aussi bien écrit et dessiné
Shocking! A solid continuation of the story.
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