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A Little Rebellion (2013)

by Jay Allan(Favorite Author)
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061573815X (ISBN13: 9780615738154)
System 7 Publishing
Crimson Worlds
review 1: I enjoyed this book better than the previous two in the series. I don't know why: maybe I feel like he's finally hitting his stride after the first two attempts. This book has several different simultaneous situations playing out, so multiple people are involved. It seems deeper and is more interesting than the previous books, which were pretty much just following one person around. This one moves quickly but gives more of a chance for world-building, although the author still doesn't do very much, preferring to stick strictly to the military science fiction genre.
review 2: This is the third book in this series I enjoyed it very much a little bit more than the first one since this one did not feel as rushed, there are still a few points where you feel the auth
... moreor was rushing and just giving a summury of a battle insteasd of going into detail, also throughout this whole series the author jumps several months ahead all the time without really telling you. Those are my onlyt two complaints all in all a very good read looking forward to next book. less
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Interesting to see what he did when they didn't have their all-powerful battle suits.
Decent read, fits in well with the other crimson worlds books
infinitely better edited than the first 2 books.
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