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Wangari Y Los Arboles De La Paz / Wangari's Trees Of Peace (Una Historia Verdadera) (Spanish Edition) (2008)

by Jeanette Winter(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 5
8493684317 (ISBN13: 9788493684310)
review 1: Excellent read-aloud for four-year-olds and older. Even the young ones can understand the importance of planting trees. And are able to articulate this concept! Great illustrations. I thought the drops of blood from when they government agents used force to get her to stop planting trees might be too distracting. And for one group of 4 year olds, it was the main topic of discussion. But a different group was very interested in the tree planting.
review 2: “Wangari’s Trees of Peace” is a biographical picture book of the life of environmentalist Wagari Maathi. The book is filled with wonderful illustrations done by author Jeanette Winter. Ms. Winter takes the reader from the genesis of Maathi’s foray into environmentalism to her becoming a world r
... moreenowned, Nobel Prize winning champion for greening the Earth.“Wangari’s Trees of Peace” is a very short book most appropriate for grades one through three. It can be read in April for Earth Day or as accompaniment to a science lesson on plants. less
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Great story for children to show the empowerment of someone standing up for themselves.
Comparing them, I really prefer Nivola's "Planting the Trees of Kenya."
Great easy to read biography for Earth Day or Arbor Day.
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