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Magic Graves (2000)

by Jeaniene Frost(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I only read the first story in this book, One for the Money. I was excited to see that this Night Huntress novella actually featured Cat and Bones! I’ve really enjoyed the other novellas in the series so far but they’ve only made cameos in them so I didn’t expect them to be the main focus in this one. The story was short but fun and I thought that it recaptured some of the humor from the earlier novels in the series. Tammy was a smart mouthed, rich little brat and Cat and Bones’ reactions to what she comes out with are quite comical. It was a nice twist to involve Cat’s mom, it was nice seeing her tend to Tammy, especially after the events of the last book left her so broken. There was also the sweetest scene between Bones and Cat’s mom (even though Justina was... moren’t really aware of Bones’ intentions) but like Cat it made me fall in love with Bones all over again. Like the other novellas in the series this book packed a lot of action and story into just a few chapters, and I thought it was an enjoyable little read!
review 2: I was in heaven when I found this book. My two favorite authors writing shorts about my favorite series. I hoped it would not turn out to be too good to be true. It did not. I enjoyed both stories.In one, Cat andBones are asked to guard a human. She turns out to be a spoiled heiress. Her cousin has contracted her death and the hitter has undead connections. When they turn up at their safe house, Justina is there, trying to get away from everything. She seems to be the only one who can handle the spoiled girl they are protecting. How will they keep a human safe and nulify the threat? How will Bones and Justina manage to live in cramped quarters and not drive each other bonkers? The answers are well written and made me smile.In the other story, we learn how Kate first met Saiman. This is a prequel, with none of the other characters we are used to seeing. Saiman wants all knowledge and uses his usual deceitful means to aquire it. Kate is sent by the guild to be his bodyguard, when other have walked away. Can she keep Saiman safe in spite of himsel? I found her solution interesting and woth reading. less
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I probably would have liked this book more if such a short story wasn't filled with so many recaps.
Rated on the Jeaniene Frost story only. I do not read Ilona Andrews - yet.
Kate and Cat in one book- whats not to like?
Loved the Ilona Andrews short
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