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The Third Bear (2010)

by Jeff VanderMeer(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
1892391988 (ISBN13: 9781892391988)
Tachyon Publications
review 1: 1/3 of the stories are too deep for me. Too not accessible (hmhmhah) and cryptic. Too weird? Another third of the stories are the most epic stories with occasional oneliners that just kills ..everything. The rest is a mix of Calvino and Borges but with a more atmospheric ...a more searching mind?, less intellectually/conceptually ambitious/obsessive/..pretentious? (if filthy little me may criticize monsieur Borges(Calvino is just having fun, no?)). I probably wouldn't/won't agree with some of these opinions later/in other states of mind. Just putting down my current thoughts.
review 2: This is an odd collection of short stories. I admit this is not my usual genre. (what is it? Science fiction?) Most of the time i did not know what was going on, but i had enoug
... moreh of a grasp to enjoy the flow. I did not UNDERSTAND this book very much, but that is not the type of book it is. I was only able to finish half the book before having to return it to the library (renewed it twice) which shows you it wasn't easy to "get through", and I didn't read it every single night before bed which is what I do with most books that keep my interest. Odd. I only made it to page 108. If I didn't have the library breathing down my neck to return it, I'd probably finish it, though it would take at least another month. less
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very impressed with this book, bizarre and a little twisted and damn hard to stop reading
I'm not much of a short story guy, but there's some very good stuff in here.
"Fixing Hanover": best story in the collection, for my money.
Jeff VanderMeer blows my mind... again. I am not surprised.
Well-written, emotionally brutal short stories.
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