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The Sibling Effect: What The Bonds Among Brothers And Sisters Reveal About Us (2011)

by Jeffrey Kluger(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 4
1594488312 (ISBN13: 9781594488313)
Riverhead Hardcover
review 1: Worth a read. A lot of reviewers were disappointed by this book, but I went into it with low expectations and walked away with a lot of insight into my own life. The sibling relationship has always intrigued me. As the middle child, I have always thought our brood hit the stereo-types on the head. But this book went beyond stereotypes and truly analyzed the way we are shaped by the siblings we do or don't have.I listened to the audiobook, so I was able to tune out during chapters that didn't engage my attention. The author tells many autobiographical stories which aren't of the most interest, so I can see how a reader of the print book, expecting an engaging read, would find this book falling flat.
review 2: While some of the theories about siblings mentioned i
... moren this book are pretty obvious, there were a few theories that were new and interesting to me. I liked how it was a mix of the author's own childhood with studies done. I find books with all studies to be pretty boring. I found some theories to be definitely true and some to be very false. I did not appreciate how negative the book was about youngest siblings. Only children were treated better than youngest children! Besides that fact, this book was pretty good and engaging. less
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Common sense and my own experience could have told me 99.999999% of what this book did.
He's a fluid writer, but his material is reaaaaly thin. Doesn't really say anything.
as a middle sibling of five, I found this book fancinating
I would not be who I am if not for my sister. Thank you.
Another piece of the puzzle...
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