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Koko Be Good (2010)

by Jen Wang(Favorite Author)
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1596435550 (ISBN13: 9781596435551)
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review 1: Of all the books I've read this quarter so far, this has probably been the most enjoyable. While it didn't have the deep (and terrifying) insight of Alan Moore's From Hell or the beauty and wonder of Shaun Tan's The Arrival, it had something neither of those books had; true enjoyability.The storyline revolves around two characters trying to find their place in the world. One of them, Jon, is pretty much a goody-two-shoes, who is moving to Peru with his girlfriend to help Orphans. The other is Koko, a misfit troublemaker who lives by mooching off of others. Their lives collide and become intertwined, and the result leaves them searching deep inside themselves for a true purpose.This book was great because although it felt a bit short when all was said and done, it was a... moren enjoyable experience the entire way. It was funny and a bit eccentric at times, but at the same time it was honest and down-to-earth. The characters were very round, dynamic and likeable, and I came to love each of them. And one of the best parts was the art style; it was absolutely gorgeous.In conclusion, I'd reccommend this to anyone who's looking for a more realistic, down-to-earth, but still enjoyable comic book experience.
review 2: Happiness comes from being true to yourself, by accepting the past self, not denying the present one, and moving forward to a future one at your own pace. Meeting others causes these changes, but we shouldn't change ourselves just because we met someone. Koko Be Good has a very strong message, and it is one we can all learn from. The pace is steady, which gives it ample time to flesh out the characters, and teach its lesson. The focus is entirely character driven, so the story is not the most exciting. Teens especially could get something out of this though, as they could most easily relate to these characters who struggle to find themselves, and be satisfied with their lives. less
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Dynamic illustrations! Mediocre story with a couple of high points! That's it!
I loved this story. It's an illustrated one but the drawings were great.
really great
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