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Buttercream Bump Off (2010)

by Jenn McKinlay(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 3
0425239241 (ISBN13: 9780425239247)
Cupcake Bakery Mystery
review 1: If you've read the first book in the series then you'll like the second book as well. There's something hilarious about the rivalry between Olivia Puckett & Mel & Angie. In this book we get more character development for all the main characters. Plus we get introduced to Marty, a senior citizen. He's a pretty funny character himself. I hope he makes an appearance in the other books. Well, it's nice to see the characters pairing off. But there's still lots of speculation in the air, as Mel seems to have two other potential love interests besides Joe. Even Angie with her seven brothers gets to have a love interest.Since this is still a mystery, it wouldn't be much of one if there wasn't a murder victim. We get one early on in the storyline & this time it's Mel's mother (Joyc... moree) who's the main suspect. Hmmm, the daughter is the suspect in the first book & now the mother is a suspect in the second? A bit predictable. I hope the next murder suspect isn't as predictable in the third book. As usual, Mel thinks she needs to give the cops a hand in finding out who the murder is. And once again, Mel figures out who it is before the cops do. Makes you wonder why doesn't Mel just become a cop? Or a private investigator? She seems to have good instincts for this kind of stuff. Anyway, I'm still enjoying the characters & the progression in the storylines so I will read the next book. It's a fun mystery series to read with none of the gore that I dislike.
review 2: Well this book is as annoying as the former book in the romantic department but, in its defence, it did seem to have a better mystery to solve. Also the new detective and Steve's appearance did make my heart beat a little faster. Of course Joe's save of the day put a damper on my wild imagination but just the possibility made everything much more bearable for me. Too bad it never went anywhere. I just cannot make myself be happy for Joe and Mel as a couple. What's up with authors either making their characters too bland or way to bossy and unfeeling? Of course Joe is a mix up of these two cases...so bland I want to whack him upside the head one minute and bossy the next. On the other hand, the detective's tough act won me over in a heartbeat. So did Steve's charm for that matter. Really cute. I also liked Roach a lot. Hm.. bad boys, anyone? less
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Great book and series.
Fun cozy series!
Great book.
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