My Favorite YouTubers

This past year I began my journey as a creator on YouTube. I have learned so much in the process. However, long before I started making videos, I watched a TON of videos. Here are some of the people who I still constantly watch and inspire me to keep going and get better.

Colleen Ballinger

This girl is unapologetically herself. She is so confident in who she is, and she is so ambitious and not afraid to chase her dreams. Her better known counter-part is Miranda Sings, and if you don’t like Miranda, get to know Colleen first through her videos and you will have a new-found appreciation for Miranda and the mess that she is.

Kristin Johns

Can you say cutest human alive? Wow. Kristin Johns is one of the cutest people on the internet and probably on the earth. She is so humble, kind, and stylish. She is a role model to many people including myself. Adorable.

Jess & Gabriel

Hands down my favorite YouTube couple. The love each other so genuinely and truly bring out the best in each other. No, I don’t know them personally, but this is evident through their content together and separate. They complete each other, and they are super cute, fun, and funny.


These nerds. They are basically the people who introduced me to the world of YouTube. Sure I watched Julian Smith, Nigahiga, and FRED back in the day every once in a while, but the Vlogbrothers creation CrashCourse dragged me into YouTube and it hasn’t let me go. Through CrashCourse I got into the habit of binging videos, most importantly, Vlogbrothers videos. John and Hank Green are hard working people who inspire people to love learning and to love life.


Zoe Sugg is probably who every blogger and YouTuber strives to be. Her style is so cute. She is a trend setter, and you never know what she has coming next. She is the queen of all lifestyle channels and blogs. True royalty.

Who are your favorite YouTubers? Did you know I have a YouTube channel? Go check it out right here and don’t be afraid to subscribe or binge some of my videos. I can’t promise that they aren’t cringe-worthy.



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