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Mark Of The Thief - Audio (2000)

by Jennifer A. Nielsen(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 3
0545788552 (ISBN13: 9780545788557)
Mark of the Thief
review 1: Mark of the Thiefby Jennifer A. NielsonNicolas Calva is a slave miner. He is forced to go into a mine haunted by the ghost of Julius Caesar. He finds and ancient bulla and is forced to flee to escape everyone who wants his magical bulla with its amazing powers. Will he survive?I thought this book was thrilling and suspenseful. At one point Calva is trapped in the cave with no light and a mysterious creature flying around. You have no idea if he is going to surive.I would recommend this book to anyone who like roman mythology or fantasy. It is a page turner and you won't be let down. It is for upper middle school students or advanced readers
review 2: 3 1/2 I loved Ms Nielsen's False Prince trilogy, it completely took my by surprise and I loved every minute of
... morereading all three books. I was eager to read her follow up "Mark of the Thief". I enjoyed this book but not nearly as much as I did the previous series. The book was a quick read and it did entertain but I never felt the connection to slave turned into magic user Nic. I loved the griffin and the parts of the novel which deal with the events in the stadium. I didn't connect with some other parts of the story. My biggest thing is that Nic doesn't act like a slave even before he gains the magic. A true slave would have lost the sarcasm and sass that Nic has. I also thought a couple of big reveals at the end seemed awfully convenient. All that said, this book is a well written, good, solid book. I will more than likely read the sequel. Maybe I wasn't as overwhelmed because the Roman slave setting really isn't something I connect with. The author certainly did her research on the Roman times and I did some of my own research on the stadiums and bath houses and everything in this book seemed to be quite historically accurate. I do want to recommend this book to pre-teen and teen boys in particular. I know that group struggles to find things that engage them in reading and I do think "Mark of the Thief" would get their interest. less
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OMG! The Cover. so. beautiful! I'm so excited for this!!
Fun read! Give to fans of Rick Riordan.
I love a good mythology book.
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