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You Look Different In Real Life (2013)

by Jennifer Castle(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
0062209779 (ISBN13: 9780062209771)
review 1: This started my "YA reality television books" kick. It was funny and heartbreaking and poignant. It didn't hit me over the head with the evils of reality television, it made its point and left me to make up my mind. I love that in a book. And with characters that could have so easily become caricatures, I saw for the most part real people. No other YA book I've read about reality television has beat this( we'll see about this when I read Reality Boy).
review 2: I turned out better than expected. I was a little concerned because of Justine's over the top way of interpreting Ian's breakup with her at the very beginning of the novel. Better as friends means he finds her repellent and gags at the idea of to kissing her? Maybe its because I am not a teenager anym
... moreore but this over the top too much for me. Fortunately the book moves on and Justine stops worrying so much about her ex-boyfriend. I like that the kids have layers and more depth then most authors give them credit for. The characters we didn't get to know still felt like they had more going on than on the surface - just Justine hadn't seen it yet. Justine was most of my problem with this book. She was hard to get a read on and we were in her head! I think this was partially intentional since Justine doesn't see herself very clearly but it was frustrating as a reader sometimes. less
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Enjoyable read especially since I've seen some of the 7 Up movies.
A pretty good book, except I don't ship it XD
loved this. funny, but made me cry.
Is a great book to read
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