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Töchter Auf Zeit (2013)

by Jennifer Handford(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: Chick lit at its best. So gooey, so positive, so perky. The good news. I had the audible version. When I slept through several Chapters I didn't even notice - just moved on without missing a beat. And I guess that a week from now I won't even remember that I've heard it. Can probably hear it all over again and wonder how Helen got the super supportive fantabulous one in the universe Tim husband. Everything is just so so cool. Very relaxing book
review 2: In many ways this well written book hit home, close to my heart. Like Helen Francis, I am no longer a daughter. I, too, suffered through many years of infertility and pregnancy losses (many more of each for me). I, too, adopted from China, though my babies didn't have any of the issues her little Sam had at fir
... morest, nor did I carry around the fears she did.The novel had some weaknesses, and it began to dwell in the land of Christian beliefs in the end, and really lost me there, but as a mother, I could relate to Helen's longings, her hopes, her joy when, finally and ultimately, a baby was placed in her arms. Unlike Helen, I did not feel a huge need to have a child genetically linked to my husband and myself. I wanted to be a mother! It took Helen longer to come to that realization than it did for me. She worried greatly that her baby would have issues based on being abandoned as a newborn. I never worried as we were assured the babies in China were held every day, unlike in orphanages in Russia and other countries. My girls were happy and loving and content, and able to fall in love with their new families very easily. We have had no issues in 18 years! The novel is sad, very, very sad, for Helen lost her mother when she was a child. I still weep for my own mother, and I had her for 53 years! Helen had a father who left her and her sister when her mother died. I had a devoted, loyal and loving father until the day he died. So perhaps her worrying about her Chinese baby having abandonment issues was more a reflection of her own issues, and less about the baby, though the author had characters warn her of potential problems. Baby Sam is a year old when Helen and Tim adopt her. My girls were 4 or 5 months old, which may have made a difference as well. There are loving characters in this book, all very human and real and likeable, even with their faults. I wept through the last 30 or so pages, and would have given it 4 stars, had the author not brought in Jesus and angels. I like novels based in reality, and for me, in my world, that is not reality.If you are looking for a book that will grab you from the first word and hold your interest until the very last, this one will do that. Keep your hankies nearby. less
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A very moving story, nicely read by Tanya Eby
OK book; a little schmaltzy at the end...
Compelling story but too fast paced.
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