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Freak (2012)

by Jennifer Hillier(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 5
1451664540 (ISBN13: 9781451664546)
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review 1: Wow, what a ride. Wonderful, in-depth characters, beautifully written and a real page turner. I enjoyed Creep so much but was left rattled at the end. Then I saw there was a sequel - Freak. Ok, author redeemed. Loved both books very much. 5 stars. The author only has one more book in print - The Butcher. I want so much to read it next but will give myself pause and savor it later. There is also room for a sequel to Freak. A trilogy!! I could read about these characters for a very long time. Highly recommend!!
review 2: Somehow I didn't realize that this was a series and I read this book before I read Creep. Luckily for me the author did a good job at filling me in without making it obvious that I missed an entire plot line. The end of this book also sets up a
... more third one if she chooses to do so, but it could end here as well. Overall, I really liked this book. Selfishly, I enjoyed the fact that it was set in Washington State and I recognized some of the landmarks (which the author fictionally created based off of real places), and I enjoyed the range of characters in the book. There were strong female leads which was refreshing, although they all had obvious faults to them. The main villain is so manipulative that at times, even as a reader with access to the different characters' psyches, I wasn't sure who to trust or support. Innovative and interesting. less
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I really enjoyed this ....until the end I hate to be left hanging!
Sequel to creep but this was more predictable.
Good book..
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