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The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Part IV (2000)

by Jennifer Malone Wright(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 5
The Vampire Hunter's Daughter
review 1: So much has happened with Chloe and all the other vampire hunters. After the attack everyone is trying to put things back to normal again although without Chloe’s grandfather there her and Drew and struggling to be normal. Chloe is asked to the New Year’s bash by Gavin and as a big surprise Drew is going with Christine whom Chloe can’t stand. There are feelings there between the two that neither of them want to admit to which makes things even more difficult for them. As Chloe is struggling to fit in and make a normal life for her, she is still questioning whether or not her being there is the best thing for the hunters. This is another great installment in the series. I read this as a collection but I like how Jennifer has broken them up into individual parts enab... moreling the reader to decide early on if this story is for them or not. I also like the little twists that are thrown into the mix along the way, testing Chloe and making her question what is right or wrong.
review 2: Oh no!!!! We’re getting close to the end of this series….. )-:As Chloe and the community are now trying to gather their strength from injuries, deal with the loss of some of their hunters, and pull it all back together after the vampire attack on them Chloe and Drew are more at odds with each other, the more they try to get along the more they seem to fight- tensions are running very high.The New Year’s party doesn’t help take her mind off of things… her mind is more eager to come up with plans to vanquish the vampires, all of them including the main one behind all the attacks, her father Trevor!!!Drastic changes are on the horizon for Chloe, what will she do???? How can she stop all the madness of the attacks against her and those she loves and cares about??What is the connection and similarities that bug Chloe? That she sees in Gavin and Drew? Questions, yes I know!!! But they will remain unanswered by me, because you really need to grab onto this series of short stories… cliffhangers at the end of each one will have you definitely going right to the next one. (-:Well done Jennifer once again, I say. As I carry on eagerly jumping into part 5 of this amazing storyline. “Living with Vampires” here I come. So I will catch ya’ll in the next installment, bye for now.Recommend: 17 and upRating: 5/5 angel starsAngel Anne Reviews less
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Oh wow my favourite one so far, and I am so excited to see where the story goes from here! :D
These books keep getting better and better as they go on!
Very good
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