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Ask Adam (2008)

by Jess Dee(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 3
1599988135 (ISBN13: 9781599988139)
Samhain Publishing
Tanner Siblings
review 1: 2 STARS .ALTHOUGH, I feel like 2 stars doesn't give the book justice, so I'll confess: If I wasn't sick and sneezing and drowning in my own snot, I'd probably enjoy the story x2 more, therefore, I'll leave the story at 3stars.The sex was hot -but that's all there was to it. I hated how Adam constantly accused Lexi of scamming him, etc and how easily she forgave him. The whole pregnancy scam was the last straw. That was stupid. First of all, the foundation of a relationship is trust, and if Adam had the audacity of accusing Lexi for trying to get pregnant to scam him- then it's obvious he doesn't trust him. Also, not only did Lexi not acknowledge his lack of trust, she blamed herself for his anger and apologized first. A heroine with no spine whats-so-ever? Count me... more out.
review 2: Lexi Tanner is a social worker working a hospital as a patient advocate. Ever since childhood, when her sister Sarah was diagnosed with and survived leukemia, Lexi has been passionate about advocating for patients, but also the family members who must deal with the devastating blow that cancer brings. As the sibling of a cancer survivor, Lexi knows how difficult it is being the "well" sibling. She's decided to found an advocacy group that supports siblings of cancer patients. Now, she just needs to capital to start up the organization.Enter AJ Riley is a very successful businessman who runs a conglomerate that has made him a fortune. He's also considered a very eligible bachelor. Lexi sets up a meeting about six weeks down the road with Mr. Riley, hoping to convince him to support her group. She's prepared a compelling overview of the organization and the outlay of funds that she'd need to make it successful. But she's recently heard that AJ Riley is staying at the same hotel she is while attending a conference. She thinks if she can meet him, and perhaps soften the way a bit, she might be able to convince him to give her the money she needs.After checking with concierge at the hotel, she finds that Mr. Riley has just left, and she hurries across the lobby, she trips spectacularly, and would have fallen, if not for the handsome stranger (AJ) who catches her. Sparks immediately fly for both of them, and shaken she thanks him and walks away. But she can't stop thinking about the handsome stranger who caught her. And when she sees him again in a elevator, she makes a completely uncharacteristic move and seduces him.In the morning, AJ wakes up and hustles out the door. You see, he knows *exactly* who Lexi is. She is the sister of a photographer that he met a couple of months earlier. He saw her at the showing and was intrigued enough to run scared. He knows instinctively that any interaction with Lexi is going to result in his heart engaging. But when she throws herself at him in the elevator, he can't help but respond. One mind blowing night of sex later, he's SO out of there.Lexi doesn't realize who AJ is until she goes to his office to keep her appointment set up weeks before. She hasn't stopped thinking about the stranger with whom she had such decadent sex, and how he practically ran out the door. So imagine her surprise when she discovers that the mystery man is AJ. She's even more shocked when he accuses her of sleeping with him to get the grant. She's offended, and leaves in a huff, only to be chased down by AJ, who apologizes and asks to hear her pitch - which she gives, until he again accuses her of sleeping with him to get the grant.SIGH.This book reminds me so much of a Harlequin Presents. And not even a particularly good one. It's got a hero who runs so despicably hot and cold as to push all credence. He's loving and sweet one moment, and then, as if he got a lobotomy, he's vicious and nasty to Lexi. He convinces her to go away with him (why she would leave town with him when he's such a horse's ass is beyond me), and when they get there, and are overwhelmed by attraction, they end up having sexy times without benefit of a wrapper. Which OF COURSE results in her trying to "trap" him again. Especially because she should know that he has past baggage that should preclude him EVER having children. He makes some truly vile and IMO unforgivable accusations and off he goes again. This time across the world. Until his best friend (why does this man have ANY friends?) convinces him that he's in love with Lexi and that he should do anything it takes to get her back. Turns out, all it takes is a weak apology.So, was there anything good about the book? Well, it's set in Australia, which is cool. And the sex for the most part was pretty engaging to read. Except for one scene, which completely squicked me out. No man should lick his leavings from anyone else's legs, even if they're in an elevator where someone might walk in and see "evidence" running down her legs. This is what Kleenex are for, people. But overall, this book read very much as an HP, heavy on the dickhead hero and a way too forgiving heroine. Honestly? I can't imagine how they'd be happy together, but I suppose to each his own.Ask Adam is an erotic romance that would have benefited from the hero having less of a nasty/distrusting streak and the heroine having more of a spine. While it's got an interesting setting, I'd suggest passing on this book and looking elsewhere for your erotic romance fix.Final grade: DPS- Also, the cover? Porntastic. Thank god I read this in eBook format.PPS - This book was loaned to me by Jane Litte. Thanks so much for your generosity, Jane! less
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I loved this book, but went backwards. Didn't know there was a part 1. Will read that next.
Intense in some parts but other than that the story it was just ok..
Loved this book. Very cute and fun. Love a HEA.
Love Jess Dee books
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