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We Live In Water (2013)

by Jess Walter(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
0061926620 (ISBN13: 9780061926624)
Harper Perennial
review 1: I don’t often enjoy collections of short stories – I prefer the long form where you can get really involved with the characters. But here Jess Waters does just that – involves the reader with each and every one of his characters so that you feel you’ve been reading about them for far longer than just a few pages. None of his people have done well in life, all are sad or lonely or just plain failures. But Waters manages to make them so real and engages the reader’s sympathies with such skill that they live on beyond the covers of the book. This is a wonderful collection of moving, compassionate and incisive stories told with razor-sharp observation and with a strong narrative voice. It’s certainly not a cheerful collection but there’s enough humour to leaven t... morehe tragedy and edgy and uncomfortable though they are, I thoroughly enjoyed each one.
review 2: This short story collection takes the reader into the lives of a wide range of characters, most of them down on their luck and living on the fringes of society. The stories are told with authenticity and humor. Many times along the way I laughed out loud, only to be wiping away a tear minutes later. Walter has a great ear for dialogue and an infallible eye for human frailty. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire collection. less
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These are good stories. My favorites were "Don't Eat Cat" and "Thief."
thought I would like it more than I did.
Overall too dark for me.
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