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Nightkeepers (2008)

by Jessica Andersen(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
045122437X (ISBN13: 9780451224378)
The Final Prophecy
review 1: 4.5. love the characters, although it was kinda vague in some parts, but then again it also left it open for more books in the series. The whole 'End of Days' thing kinda got to complicated to understand (and i might of skipped a few paragraphs since history kinda bores me) but you still get the gist of it. Im def going to be reading the next book! Hopefully it'll tell more about Anna and Dick as a side story since it kinda left it open.
review 2: During the first couple chapters I had the sneaking suspension I wasn't going to like this book. I even found myself wondering if I was done with the romance genre all together, no matter how paranormally bent the storyline.When the author began introducing additional characters my attitude changed and I thought thin
... moregs were beginning to get interesting.And yet I found myself, not really bored, but impatient for the story to be over. At one point, I glanced at the percentage and sighed to discover I was only 56% through the book.It's not that the book lacked romance, or adventure, or life threatening, then life affirming, events. I think it came down to too many climaxes (not of the romantic persuasion, though there were plenty of those). The story kept building up, then resolving itself and continuing on. By the time the end battle came, I was just exhausted and ready for it to be over.Unfortunately, I think the book just had too many things crammed in and the story was conclusive enough, and the side characters undistinguished enough, that I don't care enough to finish the series. less
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Enjoyable story, looking forward to the next one.
Not a casual read, but it's interesting.
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