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Undiscovered (2014)

by Jessica Brody(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
Farrar, Straus, Giroux Books for Young Readers
review 1: I really loved this short book and hearing it from Lyzender's POV! I just love him! :) he and sera are so adorable! I really loved this book...only thing stopping me from giving it a full set of 5 stars? There were bits missing!There were things that I were hoping to read about that didn't happen like...Sera telling Lyzender that he was her soulmate and I was also intrigued to find out what he meant when Sera was in the changing room in the process of trying on a new dress and he said "Don't worry, I have seen it all before..." Did something more happen between them? But that question isn't answered either.That is the only thing that I was a little disappointed about...apart from that. A very good short book! :)
review 2: Undiscovered is written in Zen's point
... moreof view and before Unremembered was set. Its about Zen meeting Sera for the first time and having to tell her everyday who he was. I loved Unremembered and Zen so I had to have it and after reading Undiscovered it made me want to read Unforgotten even more than the chapter sampler did but I only have to wait another week before I get to read it :)The story starts off with Zen being chased by Diotech security after he broke into a lab to steal bunnies that had been shrunk and tested on so he could set them free instead of being stuck in cages. After being caught Zen plants a tracker in Dr Rio's pocket and end's up following him to a cottage which is hidden away from other and only high level scientists can get into the area but Zen sneaks in by using his mums finger prints.The way that Jessica writes you can tell from the moment Zen meets Sera it was love at first sight even if it was just on his part to start with. You can tell just by the words Jessica uses that Zen loves Sera and he is scared that she isn't being treated right.Zen doesn't realise at first that Sera isn't completely human but he doesn't care he just wanted to be with her. He is suspicious because of how fast she can move and because she doesn't know what certain words mean or understand certain questions or instructions.Zen goes back to visit Sera the next day but is disappointed because she doesn't seem to remember who he is and he realises that Diotech have erased her memories of him and he feels he should run and stay away be he obviously loves her and he can't leave her which is a good thing because if he did there would be no Sera and Zen, no story, no trilogy and that would be a bad thing.Zen realises that he needs to get Sera away from the compound, he decides to make it his mission to try and find out why Sera is being hidden in the middle of the desert and why Diotech are erasing him from her memories. When Zen's mum leaves the compound to do "research" Zen seems upset but I have a feeling that he is only upset because he has been using his mums finger prints to get into see Sera and with his mum gone he is worried that he wont be able to get in to see her again for a while.After getting caught trying to escape with Sera from Diotech compound, Sera get's her memories wiped again but Zen gets to keep his and he learns some valuable information about Sera as well as being told something about his past which he doesn't really pay attention to at the time. After getting this information Zen decides to try something else which also fails.Zen then thinks about what Dr Rio told him when he was caught and he discovers a memory that had been taken from him by Diotech after he discovered something he shouldn't have found.After this event Zen visits Sera and they sit on the grass reading a Shakespeare poem and this is when Sera realises that the only way she and Zen can be together would be if they lived in the times of Shakespeare because there was no computers, brain scanners and science was not as advanced as it is in there time and this would stop Diotech from ruining their lives. Sera says something to Zen about living in Shakespearean time and this makes him get the idea to time travel back to 1609.I really enjoyed reading Zen's version of events on how he and Sera met and all the trouble they went through to be together. I can't wait until the 25th to find out what happens next to Zen and Sera. less
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the story from Zander's side was interesting although it didn't add much to the series overall.
So wonderful to read the beginning of Zen and Sera's story. Wish book three was out already!
Omg Zen is adorable! Love getting to see what happened before & from his POV.
Their love is so beautiful it makes me want to cry...
Very good...interesting premise.
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