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En Toute Discrétion (2010)

by Jessica Brody(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
2265086800 (ISBN13: 9782265086807)
Fleuve noir
Jennifer Hunter
review 1: The author leaves nothing unsaid as if she does not trust the reader to draw any inferences. Much of the obvious was stated and restated in other words - felt like a student padding words in a term paper. The only thing never explained was how the fidelity inspections were documented to stand up in court - just on the word of the inspector?!That just bothered me as so much was built on that unlikely premise.
review 2: Like her other book, I haven't the faintest idea where this book goes under. It is kind of like chick-lit, but again, I don't have a bookshelf for that. It doesn't seem a romance novel, either. *shrug*The writing style still annoys me a bit. It's written in present tense, but I've read other books in present tense. It's not that common, but
... moresomething I'm slowly getting used to. I suppose it's the inner musing we're exposed to that irks me. The inner monologue gets to be too much sometimes. I know I do it a lot, but it's a bit disconcerting reading a characters' thoughts in such detail.The plot is a bit more evolved. Lots of drama involved, but I find it interesting she's changed from a solo agent to an agency. There are some ethically ambiguous situations. But the characters tend to be somewhat realistic in terms of their reactions to what happened. The end of the book was a bit wishy washy for me, as it seemed a little too Cinderella-story.It makes me glad it's a borrowed library book. less
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I liked this book. It had highs and many lows, but it was really interesting.
This is an enjoyable, page-turning sequel to The Fidelity Files.
A great fun playful read.
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