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Confidentialité Assurée (2010)

by Jessica Brody(Favorite Author)
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Jennifer Hunter
review 1: I really enjoyed this book, as I knew I probably would. The subject was so unique, and I knew there was so much the author could do with it. It's about a woman who, as a child, saw her father cheat on her mother. After never being able to forgive him AND keeping his secret, she has a very judgmental outlook on men. So, to combat their cheating tendencies, she starts her own business: as a fidelity inspector. She is hired by women (usually very well-off women) to test their husbands for the intention to cheat. She never goes all the way, but goes far enough to not doubt they would've slept with her had she not stopped it. I won't get into any major storylines, as there are lots of twists and surprises I don't want to ruin. But some of the them, I actually DIDN'T see coming ... more:)Oh, how I wish fidelity inspectors were real. It'd make life so much less stressful. And hey, if guys don't think it's fair, I'd be happy to be subjected to a fidelity test ANYTIME :) Just to keep things on level playing ground ;)
review 2: Some girls dream of being Superwoman. Saving humanity one disaster at a time. Jennifer Hunter is Superwoman, saving women one cheating/lying boyfriend/fiance/husband at a time. Jennifer likes to think of herself as Superwoman using her alias Ashlyn, but I might be more compelled to compare her heroic efforts to The Incredible Hulk. The Hulk gets a really bad wrap, when he is just trying to help out! Even though, these women hire Jennifer to test their husband’s fidelity, I still feel them giving her the “bad guy vibe.”Jennifer Hunter has been fidelity inspecting for two years. She never suggests anything to the men, she only follows their lead and she does just about everything. She won’t however, go all the way, she only goes as far as intention to cheat only. But for most women that is enough. Like any good super-hero, her family and her friends have no idea what she does and she is very good at keeping it that way. That is until a recent failed fidelity inspection is doing everything he can to reveal her secret identity, he even has a website! Jen really doesn’t want her family to find out and she really doesn’t want her new boyfriend to find out, so she makes the tough decision to retire. But not before she takes on one last job– and it changes everything.Yet another great debut novel I’ve had the chance to read recently! It was extremely entertaining, the plot kept me on my toes and I loved Jennifer’s character! Jennifer’s character was very complex and well developed. I enjoyed learning the history of her character, and how it played into her fidelity inspector career. Jessica is an awesome writer and I will definitely continue to read her work. I loved the idea of this book! It was fun yet thought provoking at the same time! I’d definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book! less
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Fun easy read! Getting the next book right now.
An easy and fun read
trashy... but good
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