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Treuetest (2009)

by Jessica Brody(Favorite Author)
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Jennifer Hunter
review 1: The best book I have read in awhile. Jennifer is a fidelity inspector. she stumbled into this job on accident; after being out with coworkers one night playing truth or dare they dared her to go up to this guy at the bar an get him to ask her back to his room. It worked although she declined. It was later the next day when her boss called her into her office to tell her it was all a set up she wanted to see what her husband would do. After growing up living with the secret that she caught her dad messing around with her college baby sitter while her mom was out of town only to be told as an adult her parents were getting a divorce because he had been unfaithful for awhile she figured this is what she could do to make herself feel better. Save other women from spending time... more an precious years with someone who cheated. She had to keep this secret from everyone friends family for 2 years she used a secret name ashlynn and worked on referrals only. Then she meets this amazing guy on the plane home from one of her assignments. He gives her his business card his name was Jamie Richards. upon another chance meeting he asks her to dinner and she can feel herself falling. by the 3rd date he's asking her to come to paris on a business trip with him. Days before their supposed to leave she gets a call about another assignment. She has made up her mind that this is the last one. Shes gonna tell Jamie everything in paris and retire after this assignment. She has finally found someone to make her believe again. Only upon meeting this lady who has requested her services, she tells Jennifer aka ashlynn, her husband's name is Jamie Richards. Jennifer is shocked she cant believe she missed all the signs her warning signal didn't go off nothing! So she goes through with this assignment. "testing" him for his intent to cheat. But when he turns her down for sex AGAIN and she takes her bath he finds her special card in his purse an it all comes crashing down!.
review 2: I've been dying to read this book for what seems like forever. Since, for one, it has an amazing book trailer, one of the best ever, and for two it has an interesting premise. So, when I got the chance to read it on my past vacation, I was so excited. And as it turns out, I had every right to be excited. Since, The Fidelity Files is one awesome debut book! In The Fidelity Files you get a glimpse into the complicated world of Jennifer Hunter (code name: Ashlyn). You see, Jennifer is a secret "fidelity inspector", a person who tests the faithfulness of men all around, acting as a "superwoman" for desperate wives and girlfriends. Jen was definitely one of my favorite female protagonists ever because I loved her for what she did. Since, this issue of cheating sadly hits close to home for me. Plus, she was a girl that any woman or teen girl could identify with because she has issues from her childhood that were never quite resolved and has hard time letting her true self be exposed at times. Adding to the awesome main character, the plot was also intense and provided for several twists and turns you didn't see coming. Also, I enjoyed how it has a light side too it because of funny secondary characters. Lastly, Jennifer's writing was pretty good and it seems that it will only get better as time goes on. Overall, The Fidelity Files is definitely a book filled with awesomeness, I truly look forward to reading Love Under Cover and lucky for me I have an ARC of it. Grade: A+ less
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fun to read, mainly for women but can be interesting for men also.
Quite a nice story of the honey-trap do-it -yourself detective.
Not good - finished it but...
rec from bookmooch
wtf this plot LOL
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