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The Good Girl's Guide To Bad Men (2009)

by Jessica Brody(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 2
009192846X (ISBN13: 9780091928469)
Ebury Press (Fiction)
Jennifer Hunter
review 1: I was lucky enough to win a copy from First Reads!I loved The Fidelity Files. I read it in one day when I was home sick. In Love Under Cover, Jennifer aka Ashlyn sets up the Hawthorne Agency and hires fidelity investigators to do the inspections since she is now seriously dating Jamie. She promises not to do anymore fidelity inspections, and their relationship progresses and Jamie proposes.In the midst of Jen freaking about planning a wedding and settling down, a situation soon arises where Jennifer has to make a choice between keeping her promise to Jamie and her business. Love Under Cover was a page turner like The Fidelity Files, but instead of focusing so much on Jen's career as "Ashlyn", it focuses more on her relationship with Jamie and her best friends. Jen's charac... moreter develops more as she explores her past and considers her future.I hope there's a sequel in store for Jen/Ashlyn!
review 2: Ugh.I went through so much to get this book and perhaps that is why I was so thoroughly disappointed when it turned out to be much much less than I had expected. Bummer.The premise seemed promising, but ended up being somewhat predictable. And I find it so annoying to read about a whiny self made business woman with love complications that just won't do what she needs to do, worrying about what everyone else wants.Not only that but the receptiveness of information, as if I hadn't just read that 15 pages ago, became quite annoying. less
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This is one of the books Laura & Hava gave me for my birthday. It was a quick, light read.
like her other book it was a good read part 2 to the fidelity files
Good book, not not too "on the edge of your seat."
A fun romance novel
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