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Anything For You (2013)

by Jessica Scott(Favorite Author)
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Jessica Scott
review 1: "Loving Story of Fear, Love, and Forgiveness"This is a "Coming Home Series" short story following "Because of You" which continues the story of Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison and Jen St. James. It's 2008, At Fort Hood, Texas. Shane is in physical therapy after sustaining severe injuries in combat in Iraq. Jen has faced breast cancer, an aggressive type which may come back if she gets pregnant. Thus, Shane wants a vasectomy, even if Jen wants children. Jen is Shane's heart and soul and does not want to risk losing her and possibly also their child. The risk is just too great. Shane is still a soldier wanting to get back to active duty with his buddies. His best friend is Vic Carponti who's also in physical therapy and Shane discusses this topic with him. Vic had also b... moreeen seriously injured and now has a prosthetic hand ... along with a condescending attitude of Shane's decision. Jen is a nurse who had witnessed and helped Shame during months of recovery. She loves Shane but is terrified at the goal he has set to return to the war...he is a die-hard soldier. She has her fears and scars, also ... from a double mastectomy. Shane's fear of ever losing Jen petrifies him; he lacks the courage to even bring up talking to her about his decision. How does one lose the fear, without losing the love? As always, a very beautiful, compelling story from popular author Jessica Scott. It's a short story which hopefully leads you to read the rest of her novels in the "Coming Home Series."
review 2: An epilogue in the form of a novella...puts closure to Shane and Jen's story.Leading up to their marriage, Shane and Jen still have heavy stuff to deal with; namely, Shane is terrified of getting Jen pregnant because of possible ramifications if her cancer came back. He wants to get snipped but is reluctant to talk about it. When they finally do get things in the open, the emotions are honest but they talk through them. I love when adults behave like adults!! The ending was just a perfect endcap to their story! Bring on more! less
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Way, way to short! I loved both of them immediately and hate for the story to end!
A nice follow up of Jen and Shane.
short but sweet
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