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The Heartbreaker (2000)

by Jessica Wood(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: What a dirty lil playboy! Damian and his big black box...Good start so far. Damian and his insatiable appetite. His mother would be proud. Shame. I wanted to wrap him in my arms when his mom hurt him with her words and confession. It was a good scene to show us an inside on why he is the way he is towards women.Alexis sounds fun. She sounds like a strong but somewhat vulnerable girl. Loved her feisty comeback at skank troll, Jill. I mean, go get some self respect. Ya nasty!I'm starting book 1 now.
review 2: In this prequel we meet Damien Castillo. Not sure how you are going to feel about Damien after you meet him in this book. He is a man-whore. He does not do relationships. He does not date. However, he is honest. He tells the girl upfront that he
... moreonly wants to have a good time with her and that is strictly to have sex with no strings.I wasn’t sure if I should read this prequel before I read Damien. When I started The Heartbreaker I was not liking Damien at all, but I stuck through it and glad I did. There is a reason why Damien does not do relationships or love. Okay so I have a confession, I love these stories. I love stories of man-whores who just need to meet the right girl and fall in love with her. However, these stories have to have the right girl. Meaning I hate when authors have the girl be a party girl. She does not have to a virgin, but she can’t be a whore herself. So I am hoping that the heroine in Damien is the “right” girl. Sweet, nice, feisty, but not b****y. Overall I liked the prequel. Some of the verbiage felt awkward, but the story and characters kept my attention. I really loved the last 3% of this book. less
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Cute, quick read... I liked how the end brought you up to the point where Damian meets Alexis...
Nothing like getting a glimpse into the man whore Damian is! Who's that girl?
Nice introduction to Damion before he meets Alexis...
great read -
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