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The Chase, Volume 3 (2000)

by Jessica Wood(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
The Chase
review 1: So where do i start with this book??????First of all i need to say. NO JESSICA WOOD you can not leave me dangling like this. lol Ok, so this is part 3 of a 4 part series. Dean Chase is happy and in love with Blair Parker. Blair recently found out a piece of devastating news. It would forever change her life. At first she doesn't know how to handle the information she has. She confides in Dean who is supportive and caring. He says he will be at her side with whatever she wants to do. Dean has changed for the better, i like this side of him. Things are going well for Dean and Blair, they both know they love the other but need to say it out loud. Which is what Dean was planned until there was a spanner thrown in the works. I am looking forward to part 4, i need it now. I can ... morenot wait for part 4.
review 2: I can't believe that Trent kept that secret from her, he should have known it wouldn't change the way she felt about her big brother. I just can't imagine keeping a secret like this one for so long, after this amount of time, it should have never been told. It has already caused trouble between Trent and Blair, and now it seems like it might cause some issues between Dean and Blair. Why does new found power and money bring so much heartache and distance into a relationship, can't things just continue the way they are. Okay, I'm trying so hard to not give the story away, so I will just tell you to please go purchase this series, you will be drawn in from the beginning. I think Jessica Wood has such a creative mind and I love how she brings characters from one book to another. Please keep bringing us these great books to read. less
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Still enjoying the series and where the story is going, but I seem to be losing the plot a little.
wow. that ending. major cliffhanger. Dean better act right!!
Oooh! Can't wait for the next installment!
These books are too short! 4.5
Diabolical ending!!
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