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A Night To Forget (2013)

by Jessica Wood(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 6
ERH Press
Emma's Story
review 1: This is a book I wish I could forget. Everything in the book was just so cheesy. She's a virgin, that's made explicitly clear to us, but when she loses her virginity the "first" time she just moans in pleasure? WTF? Highly doubtful. And then when she does lose her virginity, for real this time, she's ready for round 2 in minutes. Sure, you can still be turned on but I highly doubt you want to have sex again.Also, this girl is an idiot. Really? For 6 months you've been pining for the "one night stand"? And the head over heels in love insta-wham was annoying as well. I hit my DNF mark at 27%. But I was bored and had nothing else to read so I finished it. Will not be reading book 2.
review 2: It's hard to write a review when you aren't sure what you th
... moreink of a book. Parts of this story were ok, parts of it were unrealistic, even for a romance novel. So Emma goes on spring break, meets Brandon, the guy she has been dreaming about. And apparently the dreams don't end after she meets him? And it only becomes stranger when she starts work and he is the boss. They are going to start a relationship, but he's hot, then cold, hot, then cold, then suddenly full blown on fire hot? The whole set up there felt fake and forced to me. Maybe I will feel differently after I read the second book, since this is definitely a cliff hanger. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't fantastic for me either. less
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